Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

  1. What is karate?
    Karate is a traditional self-defense martial art from Japan which uses punches, kicks, strikes and blocking techniques. Our style, Shotokan, is characterized by large movements and strong focus (deliberate, concentrated moments of muscle contraction).
  2. Who can train karate?
    Everyone! All are welcome regardless of fitness level or martial arts experience. We offer classes to children 4 and up as well as adults of all ages.
  3. What should I wear to my first class?
    Comfortable athletic clothes are recommended. Karate is practiced barefoot, so no footwear is required. You will be given a free uniform when you begin.
  4. Where can I get a karate uniform?
    All new beginners receive a new karate uniform (gi) free of charge. Additional gis may be purchased through the club.
  5. When can I begin?
    Anytime! Arrive a few minutes early to any of our classes listed for Beginners or All Levels, if you are new to karate. Call 504-835-6825 with any questions.
  6. When will I learn in a class?
    You will begin by learning basic techniques (kihon) for punching, kicking and blocking. You will also learn forms (kata), a series of prearranged movements that represent defenses against an imaginary attacker. You will also practice with a partner (kumite), beginning with prearranged attacks and blocks where both partners know what the other will do. As you continue, you will learn more advance techniques and combinations and soon be able to work with a partner without knowing what the other will do.
  7. What about competitions?
    Tournaments are not a required part of training karate, although opportunities to compete are certainly available. Our dojo hosts the All South tournament, the longest running traditional karate tournament in the U.S., as well as the Japan Karate Association/American Federation National Tournament.
  8. How much does it cost to join the Louisiana Karate Association?
    Dues are $100/month for adults and $90/month for children. A second family member who joins will receive a 10% discount. New students can join now at an introductory rate of $50 for the first month. Students are welcome to train as many classes as they wish.
  9. Is there a contract?
    Contracts are offered at LKA.
  10. Do you require membership fees to start?
    No, there are no additional fees.
  11. I’m visiting from another school, is there a drop-in fee?
    Welcome! We would love for you to join us. The drop-in fee is $15 per class.
  12. For additional questions, please call us at 504-835-6825 or contact us.