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The Super Nani Full Movie Hd In Hindi Download




She does not want to accept the relationship between her son, Raj (Sharman Joshi), and a woman he once called a friend. Raj is a career-oriented engineer, and the girl he is in love with is Megha, a Harvard graduate. She does not share the same outlook, and Raj's arguments backfire. Plot Bharti (Rekha) is a carefree, loveable, and independent-spirited woman. She is a homemaker and lives with her husband, Hari (Rajendra Nath), and son, Raj (Sharman Joshi), whom she adores. The woman who calls Bharti by name is Megha (Lavina Tandon), and her family is her obsession. She is a Harvard graduate, wants to be a teacher and has no interest in what Hari does for a living. She does not want to get married and does not care for Raj. Bharti realizes that Megha is the kind of girl that her son is in love with, but she doesn't like her. She wants Raj to marry someone sensible. However, Raj is very determined to get Megha. While this is going on, Bharti faces problems of her own. Hari has an older brother, who had died during childhood, who needs his attention. Meanwhile, Bharti's neighbor Nandini (Yashodha Sharma) has gotten married, but because her husband belongs to a different religion, he had to get divorced. Bharti and Hari offer to support Nandini and her child, and Nandini accepts. After their divorce, Nandini is unable to find a job and so the couple moves in with Bharti. There, Bharti treats Nandini like a daughter-in-law, but Nandini feels out of place and lonely. Raj is very frustrated, and his friends visit him. The conversation gets heated at one such visit when Raj tells them that he is ready to marry Megha. Megha is aghast, and says she only wants to be friends with him. However, she later changes her mind and agrees to the marriage. Raj is afraid that Megha's father, Raj Kapoor (Dinesh Hingoo), a bigwig in the Indian film industry, will not approve of the marriage. Thus, he tells her to break up with him, which she does. Raj agrees to marry another girl, but Bh



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The Super Nani Full Movie Hd In Hindi Download

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