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LKA Public Health Advisory - March 15, 2020

By agreement of the Board of Directors, and in consideration of the Coronavirus ( COVID-19,) Louisiana Karate Association will be closed until further notice. This is for safety and health reasons, as well as respecting the numerous announcements that have been made worldwide and closures worldwide. No classes or training, either on a group or individual basis, shall be held. No social events shall be held on the premises (inside or outside). These rules are asked to be conducted on a self-enforcement basis by all members. All classes and activities will resume when announced at a later date.

We encourage all members and non-members to use this challenging time to self-train alone and to practice areas of Karate such kihon and kata, as well as creatively possibly creating their own kihon combinations based on proper technique. Some additional ideas are to pick a new kata to learn, study and train. It is also an ideal time to ponder the philosophical and spiritual aspects of Karate-Do, such as the Dojo-Kun, Shoto Niju- Kun, reading books on Karate-Do and viewing the numerous Karate videos and films available on Youtube.

As stated worldwide, please maintain safety measures such as washing your hands, practicing respiratory hygiene, seeking medical care early if you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing and staying informed of and following advice given by your healthcare provider. Please keep training at home and we greatly look forward to seeing everyone in the hopefully not too distant future! Osu!

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