2016 National Photos

Welcome to the LKA, you have made an excellent choice to improve your body, mind and spirit.  You are also fortunate to come across the site of one of the oldest, most respected dojos in the south.

There is an old saying that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

When you join the LKA you will begin a journey that will transform your body and mind. Your body will become more flexible, fluid and toned. You will develop strong legs and core. You will learn to use your whole body and mind to generate incredible force. You will do things you never dreamed possible before, which will strengthen your self confidence and will power. Because your mind and body will be working together your spirit and peacefulness will also improve. 

You will also begin to form bonds with fellow beginners and and advanced students as well as the instructors. You will progress from simple solitary movements  to combination techniques. You will eventually train with a partner where you will learn timing, distance, respect and control. When you are ready you will progress to basic sparring and then to free sparring. 

This process is not a quick fix, it takes time and effort. If you make one little improvement each day just think how much you will improve in 365 days and beyond. 

“Seek Perfection of Character," is one of our precepts, which you will learn about. 
 Karate training is never finished, because perfection is always out of reach; but we keep training. We look forward to you joining us.