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New Beginner Session: 1st week of each month

Karate is a traditional Japanese martial art which develops physical power and mental focus through training blocks, strikes, kicks & body movement. It's a moving meditation which teaches us to clear our minds and be fully present. This empowers us to steadfastly pursue our endeavors outside the training hall as well. Karate promotes excellent cardio fitness & develops all major muscle groups while teaching self-defense. Anyone can begin training karate at any age or fitness level.

You'll build skills gradually with our internationally acclaimed instructors, learning techniques like blocks, kicks & punches. You will learn kata (aka - forms - a series of set movements designed to defend against imaginary attackers) and also practice these techniques with partners.​


The real deal - traditional karate taught by 9th degree Sensei Mikami.  Get ready for a great workout in the non-contact Japanese Shotokan style of karate.  Nice dojo, too.

Robert M

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Warrior Spirit  Traditional Japanese karate trains “budo,” or warrior spirit. Forge your spirit through training that challenges mind and body. Enhance confidence and courage to uphold your values and promote peace for humankind in daily life.

Mindfulness  Develop the ability to be more present in the moment, clear your mind & connect with your body through movement & breathing.

Fitness  Reach your fitness goals: lose weight, gain strength, develop balance, flexibility, coordination & more. Classes can burn 700 calories/hour and engage all muscle groups. 

Confidence  Learn self-defense, proper movement & situational awareness. Build confidence through traditional Japanese art practice which will transfer to all areas of life.

Camaraderie  Join a welcoming community with interesting people from all walks of life. Through our international organization, wherever you go, you will have friends at the local dojo.



Come by our dojo to watch or try a class - 706-C Phosphor Ave in Metairie. Wear athletic clothes; no shoes needed. 


  • New Beginner - $65/month

  • Level 1 - unlimited classes 3-6 days/week - $100/month

  • Level 2 - classes 1-2 days/week - $85/month

  • Collegiate - unlimited classes - $75/month

  • Per class rate: $15

Family discount: 10% off each additional family member

One-time membership fee: $30 (payable within first 3 months)



706-C Phosphor Ave

Metairie, LA 70005


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