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Youth karate class instructor proud of h


4th Dan, JKA

Doug has been one of Sensei Mikami’s longest continuously training students. He has traveled to Japan to train several times and has a comprehensive understanding of techniques and concepts which he is able to convey to youth through training drills and individualized attention. Doug will work with your child to develop proper karate techniques, while having fun and learning the rewards of diligent practice in the art.

Doug began training in Karate on Monday, January 10, 1983, when he took his first class at the Louisiana Karate Association (at its former location at 2563 Metairie Rd.) which was taught by Sensei Mikami, who was teaching all classes at LKA at the time.  Since then, he has trained continuously under Sensei Mikami and continues to do so. On March 20, 1990, Doug was appointed by Sensei Mikami to become the Youth Class Instructor of LKA and has been since. While the class had for all years previously been only for children 7 years old and up, in 1991 Doug presented the idea to Sensei Mikami of LKA having a special class for children 4-6 years old, of which Sensei Mikami approved. Doug has taught hundreds of students for the past 30 years, many of whom were successful competitors regionally, nationally and internationally. Several of the Youth Class members have gone on to be members of the Adult Class and some have become instructors themselves. In addition to teaching at LKA, Doug formed and taught at both the De La Salle Karate High School Club, where he taught from 1991-2000 and the Delgado Community College Karate Club, where he taught from 1992-2000. He also taught a special Karate class to the John Curtis High School football team during their summer training camp in 2002. In April of 2018 he formed the Karate club at the New Orleans Athletic Club, where he teaches adults. A firm believer in correct fundamentals, his classes are grounded in Kihon (basic techniques), with equal emphasis placed on Kata (pre-arranged forms) and Kumite (sparring). Keeping in mind the ages and ranks of his students, Doug always makes it a point that classes are always enjoyable, interesting, inspiring and fun for all. In addition to training under Sensei Mikami, Doug has trained at the Japan Karate Association Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan on numerous occasions. Doug is a graduate of the Japan Karate Association Instructor Training Program and is a Certified Instructor, Examiner and Judge of the Japan Karate Association.

In addition to training and teaching Karate, Doug is an Adjunct Faculty member at Tulane University, where he teaches in the Music Department. Doug has a Bachelor of Music Degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston. His hobbies and interests include music, drums/percussion, dogs, astronomy, reading, writing, psychology and philosophy.

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