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LKA's karate kids work hard to earn rank

Karate kids proud of success earning rank after test at LKA in Metairie.

Karate students across the New Orleans area arrived at the LKA Karate Club on Sunday to present their best, hard-practiced technique in front of the examination panel including LKA Chief Instructor Takayuki Mikami (9th dan) and senior black belts.

LKA's karate kids have been practicing diligently every Tuesday and Thursday with Sensei Doug Walsh and on their own at home to be ready.

In testing students are evaluated in 3 areas: kata (forms), basics & partner work. Students presented their rank's kata, a series of techniques that represent defense against attackers. Next, they demonstrated basic punches, blocks & kicks by the count. Lastly, with a partner they showed effective blocks & controlled counter strikes against a prescribed attack.

Through dedicated training, these karateka improved their techniques. Furthermore, they learned to be composed and deal with nerves while performing in front of examiners and supporters. Now they can feel the rewards of hard work and success!

Congratulations to LKA's karate kids on their new rank!!

LKA Youth Class Awards presented that day included the Nakayama Award for outstanding student and LKA Youth Class Most Improved Award!

Great work young karateka! Keep training hard!! OSS!!

Learn more about LKA's Youth Classes here.

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