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New Year’s Resolutions

By Doug Walsh

The New Year always gives us a chance to start with a fresh mindset and outlook in our lives. While we often cannot completely literally start over in every aspect of our lives, it is possible to use this time to make improvements overall. Improvement often comes from consistency.

Other than resolving to simply “train more” and “get better,” a few possible New Year’s Resolutions as applied to Karate may be:

Train a few minutes at home: Just a few minutes training a day can make a huge difference in our overall Karate, and indeed our overall self-discipline and stick-to-itiveness. It need not be much. Make a daily appointment with oneself and keep it. Part of this is MAKING time to get in our few minutes of training. Some days there may only be time for 1 minute. Others, possibly 30 minutes. Resolve to get it in.

Pick certain areas to specifically improve upon: While there is always room for improvement in all areas, being aware of certain areas that need extra attention and extra effort is important. For example, there may be a certain stance or technique that may a particular challenge. Resolving to give more self-training time, research and effort to whatever it may be will lead to improvement.

Research and learn more about Karate-Do overall: Researching and learning more about Karate on a more academic, intellectual and philosophical level will increase one’s enjoyment and overall appreciation of Karate-Do. Resolving to look deeper into Karate-Do as a whole will help keep us motivated and inspired to continue training with enthusiasm in the New Year and beyond.

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