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LKA T-Shirt Design Contest

New LKA gear is coming out soon! Your design can be our newest club shirts. Download the t-shirt template below & express your creativity. Submit your design to info@lkakarate.com by September 30. Members will vote to determine our freshest dojo apparel.

Virtual Values

Tsune ni shinen kufu seyo –“Always create and devise” is # 20 of the Shoto Niju-Kun (20 Principles of Shotokan karate) by Master Funakoshi. And this is what we have all had to do since the pandemic of COVID-19. Not just in Karate training, but in daily life since this enormous challenge came upon us. With regards to Karate training, this precept has been especially important. At the beginning of the pandemic, nearly every single dojo worldwide was forced to immediately stop classes. And rightly so. COVID-19 is an extremely dangerous and deadly virus, which is highly transferable and has taken hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide and continues to. Students have had to train alone at home


Louisiana Karate Association

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