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LKA students fight hard, earn medals at JKA Nationals in Metairie

November 2017, one hundred and twenty competitors from ages 5 to 75 from across North America traveled to Grace King High School in Metairie for the annual National & Collegiate Karate Championships, hosted by the Japan Karate Association/American Federation. Karate athletes competed in forms (kata) and sparring (kumite) and are graded on their body mechanics, timing and power. One of the most exciting matches of the event was LKA’s Abdullah Jarushi (2nd dan) vs. JKA NorCal’s Wauriman Borges (5th dan) in the semi-final round. Abdullah took the match to double overtime, scoring half points (waza-ari)with a reverse punch, and then a classic, Mikami-style front kick-straight punch. Wauriman’s f


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