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Dojo News: July 2019

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Women of Shotokan: Kellan Lyman

Originally published July 17, 2019 on The Shotokan Times. Wisdom does not emerge with age. It emerges with experience. Although, Kellan Lyman is only 28 years old, she has practiced Shotokan now for more then 20 years. The training has had a huge effect on her as she says: “Shotokan is spirit training that’s enabled me to follow my convictions working in environmental advocacy, facing hardships of life in a rural, developing nation, or any life challenge with excitement and determination.” In this very open interview Kellan describes for us what Do means for her and how it has formed and changed her. We get deep insights about how much more Shotokan is and can be if we focus on the mental an

Youth Belt Test Promotions

The LKA Youth Class is very proud of its newest Black Belts Jad Chehab and Isa Chenab. Both attended the JKA/AF Summer Camp and took and passed their Dan Examinations. Jad and Isa have been consistently training for 5.5 years and are the youngest Dan ranks at LKA. On Sunday, June 30, Sensei Mikami presented a clinic for all ranks. It was very well attended and was enjoyed by all. A Kyu Examination followed. The following LKA Youth Class members were promoted: Josiah Lowe - 3rd Kyu Jared Soh - 6th Kyu Julia Cardenes - 8th Kyu Max Faust - 9th Kyu Lina Faust - 9th Kyu

Books: They're still out there!

In the current world of Youtube, Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, etc., nearly everything is obtainable nearly instantly. And that includes Karate as a subject. Want to know something about Karate? Look it up on the internet somewhere or other. Most likely what you are wanting to know can be found there and on several sources and with several points of view and/or several opinions. While there is not anything necessarily wrong with this and it is certainly interesting to refer to different sources, it is most often more educational and more helpful overall to refer to the original written sources for much more depth, detail and original text. Way before the previously stated social media outle


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