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Top 10 reasons to learn karate in 2019

'Tis the season for planning how we'll improve ourselves in 2019! If your new year resolutions include improving your physical condition, being more present in daily life, or making new, interesting friends, then beginning to study the traditional Japanese martial art of karate is an excellent intention to explore this coming year! Training karate has numerous benefits from fitness to mindfulness, self-defense to social. Here are our top 10 for training karate: 1. Train for a strong, fit body. After a few months of practicing karate, you will notice your body feeling leaner, stronger, more flexible and more agile. Karate classes can burn 700+ calories per hour and engage all muscle groups. K

Karate-do and Children

Karate-Do literally means “the way of Karate.” The two Chinese characters making up the word Karate (空手) translate to “empty hand.” “Kara” connotes “emptiness,” but can also mean “sky,” which symbolically refers to the universe or nature. “Kara” also means “absence of everything that is negative” and can mean “method” or “means.” “Te” also refers to the means by which to live most productively, peacefully and in harmony with each other and the universe. “Do,” means “way” or “path.” This emphasizes that Karate is much more then techniques. Karate was at one time (as were other Japanese martial arts such as Ju-Jutsu) referred to as “Karate-Jutsu.” “Jutsu” meaning “technique” (also sp

LKA students level up at belt test

Two LKA students, and students of all ages from across Louisiana as well, earned rank at the recent kyu rank exam at the LKA dojo, conducted by Chief Examiner Sensei Takayuki Mikami (9th degree, Japan Karate Association), assisted by Sensei Doug Walsh (4th degree) and Cathy Jarushi (6th degree). The two successful karateka were from LKA's youth program and promoted to 2nd kyu and 7th kyu. After practicing hard in Sensei Doug's classes every Tuesday and Thursday, and some extra practice on Saturdays, LKA's youth were well-prepared to demonstrate their basic techniques (kihon), techniques with a partner (kumite), and traditional forms (kata). Beginners start at 10th kyu (rank below black belt)

Dojo News - December 2018

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