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Team USA fights hard at World Cup

On Finals Sunday of the JKA World Cup on August 20, 2017 in Limerick, Ireland, Team USA fought hard, showing strong technique and good spirit, as Dimitri Papadopoulos of New Orleans and Ryo Goto of Miami represented the country in kumite (sparring) and kata (forms), respectively. Since team trials in April, five competitors from the New Orleans area have been training diligently, preparing their best to represent America and Sensei T. Mikami. New Orleans/Metairie team members include Cathy Jarushi (6th dan), Dimitri Papadopoulos (5th dan), Ray Semana (5th dan), Harry Rahn (3rd dan) and Abdullah Jarushi (2nd dan). Coaching the team from the region also included Jerry Kattawar (7th dan), Kyri

Cathy Jarushi - Our first female rokudan

After almost 40 years of effort and commitment, Cathy Jarushi has become the first woman from our dojo to achieve the rank of rokudan. It is a rank held by only a handful of people in our state and represents tireless dedication to improvement and excellence. Her training began under Sensei Mikami when she was 13 years old. And from the first, she was actively and enthusiastically involved participating in innumerable tournaments, demonstrations and competitions. But of all of the awards that she received over the years, none has meant more to her than the award she received that allowed her to participate in her first international competition. Only 20 years old, she traveled to Japan and w


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