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Cathy Jarushi - Our first female rokudan

After almost 40 years of effort and commitment, Cathy Jarushi has become the first woman from our dojo to achieve the rank of rokudan. It is a rank held by only a handful of people in our state and represents tireless dedication to improvement and excellence.

Her training began under Sensei Mikami when she was 13 years old. And from the first, she was actively and enthusiastically involved participating in innumerable tournaments, demonstrations and competitions.

But of all of the awards that she received over the years, none has meant more to her than the award she received that allowed her to participate in her first international competition.

Only 20 years old, she traveled to Japan and with the USA-AAU team took first place against elite competitors from all over the world. Cathy then stayed on to train in Japan for the next 3 years. Ultimately, she did return to New Orleans. And she continues to train with Sensei Mikami along with her husband, rokudan Fathi Jarushi, and her son, nidan Abdullah Jarushi.

Cathy has also pursued and achieved certification and licensing as an instructor, examiner and referee by the Japanese Karate Association, the parent organization of the LKA.

“Training in karate hasn’t just prepared me to face physical challenges but also familial, academic and ,in fact, all types of life’s challenges. Everyone can benefit from this training. It can really help to build confidence and character”, says Cathy.

What was the most important lesson she has learned from Sensei? “Always remain humble. No matter what you achieve there is always more to learn.”


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