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Beginning the Journey

Beginning Karate training is the beginning of what can be a lifelong journey. There are many reasons that people start training in Karate. And there will possibly be reasons that are discovered that were not reasons in the beginning of their training. And also some of the reasons that one had when originally beginning Karate may be dismissed. Some of the reasons may be: To get in shape and improve physical fitness To learn a martial art To improve mental concentration To learn self-defense To add to other martial arts one may have learnt To learn about and/or learn more about the culture of Japan To learn to become a future Karate champion To learn how to fight and/or hurt someone To exact r

Soji (cleaning)

The Japanese are a scrupulously clean people and Japan is a scrupulously clean country. Cleanliness and tidiness are a part of Japanese culture and tradition going back centuries and centuries. When visiting Japan, one will immediately notice the extreme lack of litter nearly everywhere. Public transportation vehicles and stations are virtually spotless and never neglected. Japanese homes (both traditional and modern) are also nearly always extremely clean, neat and tide, When entering a Japanese house, one immediately takes off one's shoes and is often asked to wear slippers which are often at the entrance for visitors to wear. Housekeeping and picking up after oneself is common and encoura

Dojo E-News: June 2020

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Self-Train Inspiration: Core Conditioning

Complete core karate conditioning workout created by LKA club member Daryl Rappold. Exercises & Reps: Jump Squat (20) Down dog push up (20) Side plank leg raise (10 each side) Single leg squat (10 each side) Kettle bell swing (20) Russian twist (50) Lat step squat (20) Bent over row (20) Standing bear crawl (100) Balance beam / kicks (20) Curl shoulder press (20) Mountain climber (100) Complete the workout and post a picture and tag @LouisianaKarateAssociation on Facebook or @LKAKarate on Instagram. What's your self-training routine? Share your home training workout or video at LAKarateAssociation@gmail.com to be part of the LKA Home Training Challenge!


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