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LKA karate kids share passion for the Art at Japan Fest

Louisiana Karate Association youth and adults share their passion for karate during a demonstration at the New Orleans Museum of Art during the annual Japan Fest. Photo from The Times-Picayune. Learn more about our Youth Program here.

Dojo News - October 2018

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LKA's karate kids work hard to earn rank

Karate students across the New Orleans area arrived at the LKA Karate Club on Sunday to present their best, hard-practiced technique in front of the examination panel including LKA Chief Instructor Takayuki Mikami (9th dan) and senior black belts. LKA's karate kids have been practicing diligently every Tuesday and Thursday with Sensei Doug Walsh and on their own at home to be ready. In testing students are evaluated in 3 areas: kata (forms), basics & partner work. Students presented their rank's kata, a series of techniques that represent defense against attackers. Next, they demonstrated basic punches, blocks & kicks by the count. Lastly, with a partner they showed effective blocks & contro


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