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Lisa Croft - Exercise with meaning

I had studied ballet and dance as a young girl, but I was always interested in martial arts and did not know which martial arts club to join. Then as a freshman at LSU, I saw a demonstration performed by the LSU Shotokan Karate Club that seemed magical to me. I wanted to know this magic. I instantly switched from the art of ballet to the martial arts. When I graduated from LSU, I returned to Metairie where I was very fortunate to be able to continue training at LKA with Sensei Takayuki Mikami, the chief instructor, who is also well respected and renowned throughout the world. Sensei T. Mikami is in direct lineage from the style’s founder. T. Mikami trained under Masatoshi Nakaymama who train


Louisiana Karate Association

706-C Phosphor Ave

Metairie, LA 70005


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