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LKA Students Earn Rank at Kyu Exam

LKA hosted a successful kyu rank examination and training clinic with Sensei Takayuki Mikami at the dojo on September 20. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the clinic was well-attended with participants of all rank levels across Southern Louisiana and Mississippi. After training concluded, ten brave students from 3 dojos of New Orleans and Baton Rouge took rank examinations. Examinations proceeded as normal, with the exception of wearing face masks. Additionally, the kumite (partner work) portion of the examination was conducted facing a partner at a far distance with no contact. Nevertheless, examinees exhibited strong fighting spirit. The following LKA students were promoted to their next rank

The Importance of Warming Up and Stretching

Before we train, it is very important that we warm up and stretch. The two are not the same. Warming up has to do with things like getting the heart rate slightly higher than normal, getting the respiration rate slightly increased, getting the blood circulating, breaking a light sweat, and waking up the mind and body in general. Some examples of how these can be done are things such as, jumping up and down lightly in place, jumping jacks, running in place and jogging for a very short distance. Warming up must not be overdone and must be done very lightly, as not to pull any muscles or strain any part of the body. Having warmed up, stretching is safer and easier. The body is warm, as opposed


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