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Top 10 reasons to learn karate in 2019

'Tis the season for planning how we'll improve ourselves in 2019! If your new year resolutions include improving your physical condition, being more present in daily life, or making new, interesting friends, then beginning to study the traditional Japanese martial art of karate is an excellent intention to explore this coming year!

Training karate has numerous benefits from fitness to mindfulness, self-defense to social. Here are our top 10 for training karate:

1. Train for a strong, fit body. After a few months of practicing karate, you will notice your body feeling leaner, stronger, more flexible and more agile. Karate classes can burn 700+ calories per hour and engage all muscle groups. Karate is especially great for developing a strong core and proper posture to feel great and be healthy everyday.

Karate is a form of meditation which improves fitness and trains you to remain calm under stress at LKA school in Metairie.

2. Develop the skill to remain calm under stress. Training relaxation is a must for effective karate technique. Relaxation isn't just in the body, but in the mind too. Keeping a calm mind while challenging your body through combinations in a fast-paced class develops a fluid mind mentality which transfers to other areas of life as well.

3. Live more mindfully and be more present in daily life. A form of meditation in motion, in karate, you train yourself to bring all your attention to the here and now. In training, you clear your mind to fully experience the movement and energy of techniques. Training like so inevitably allows you to be more present in time outside of karate and leads to being more at peace and happier in life.

4. Build confidence. Hand in hand with learning new skills, through consistent practice, you will gain confidence in your abilities in karate which will also translate to being more confident in other areas of life.

Karate trains self-defense and reflexes. This martial art uses blocks, kicks, punches, & strikes.

5. Learn how to defend yourself in the event you were attacked. Karate teaches self-defense using blocks, strikes, punches & kicks, as well as throws or joint locks. Karate trains us to use our anatomy most efficiently, so anyone can defend himself or herself, regardless of physical size.

6. Practice situational awareness. Beyond learning what to do if an attacker tries to engage, karate trains you to be aware of your surroundings and to always devise a way to avoid an unsavory situation. After all, the best defense is to not be there in the first place.

Karate improves reflexes and promotes fitness for cardio and strength.

7. Improve reflexes & agility; move more fluidly. Karate isn't just useful in the event of an attack; it serves us everyday in being able to move nimbly and maintain balance. Karate students are able to react to quickly to avoid accidents, catch falling objects and recover balance seamlessly after a misstep.

Karate training improves our ability to improve ourselves in other areas of life as well.

8. Improve your capacity for motivation, self-discipline & self-awareness. As with any art, consistent practice is key to improvement. Through karate, you will develop a certain 'stick-to-it-iveness' (ability to see things through despite challenges) which will transfer to other life endeavors, like learning a musical instrument or starting a business. On top of that, karate teaches you to evaluate yourself (Is my stance correct? Is my fist in the right place?), which is a habit that leads to rapid improvement.

Training at LKA, you'll be welcomed into a fun group, passionate about our martial art.

9. Make friends with interesting people from all walks of life. Karate brings all types together! At LKA, people of all ages and diverse backgrounds train together and build a strong sense of camaraderie. You'll be welcomed into a fun group of people who are passionate about the martial art. Furthermore, as LKA is the national headquarters for the Japan Karate Association/American Federation, you'll make friends from across North America at our annual events. Through our network, wherever you may travel in the US or abroad, you will be most warmly welcomed at the local JKA club.

Karate is an art of peace which develops our concern for all of humankind and our courage to uphold our values.

10. Train your warrior spirit. If the art of karate had a purpose, it would be the perfection of character of its participants. By training with full effort every class and striving to uphold the dojo kun (school principles, including to try your best, be respectful, avoid violence, etc), you strengthen your resolve to uphold your morals. Karate trains us to have courage and to be brave. What then does the warrior spirit do? The karate warrior is not for violence; on the contrary, it is a force to promote love and peace for humankind. Karate trains us to be more open, honest and loving in our relationships and community.


Karate training can accelerate your personal development in so many ways! But it's best understood firsthand, so come see for yourself!

NOW through January 2019, sign up for our New Years membership promo! Promo membership is now $50 for 1 month of unlimited training (Regular membership is $100 per month). As always, you are welcome, too, to come observe or try your first class free!

Contact us online here for more information, or call 504-835-6825.

Learn more about our adult classes and sign up for our monthly e-newsletter too!

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