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LKA students level up at belt test

Two LKA students, and students of all ages from across Louisiana as well, earned rank at the recent kyu rank exam at the LKA dojo, conducted by Chief Examiner Sensei Takayuki Mikami (9th degree, Japan Karate Association), assisted by Sensei Doug Walsh (4th degree) and Cathy Jarushi (6th degree).

Karate girls perform kata during belt test at the LKA martial arts school
Youth karate student performs martial arts skills after months of dedicated training in New Orleans.

The two successful karateka were from LKA's youth program and promoted to 2nd kyu and 7th kyu. After practicing hard in Sensei Doug's classes every Tuesday and Thursday, and some extra practice on Saturdays, LKA's youth were well-prepared to demonstrate their basic techniques (kihon), techniques with a partner (kumite), and traditional forms (kata).

Beginners start at 10th kyu (rank below black belt) and work their way through the colored belts to brown belt, which comprises 3rd kyu to 1st kyu. With each new rank comes more advanced techniques and a higher standard for the basics.

Sensei Mikami teaches finer points of punching technique to students during rank test in Metairie.

Students develop their karate abilities while working to their goal of earning the next rank and also learn other skills in the process. Karate students learn to perform under pressure (in front of examiners, parents and fellow students) and also to receive feedback well in order to improve.

Congratulations to all and keep training hard!!

Learn more about LKA's youth program here.

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