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Youth Belt Test Promotions

Youth from LKA's kids karate class demonstrate punch and block drill for rank exam at LKA in New Orleans.

The LKA Youth Class is very proud of its newest Black Belts Jad Chehab and Isa Chenab. Both attended the JKA/AF Summer Camp and took and passed their Dan Examinations. Jad and Isa have been consistently training for 5.5 years and are the youngest Dan ranks at LKA.

LKA's newest youth black belts with Sensei Doug Walsh

On Sunday, June 30, Sensei Mikami presented a clinic for all ranks. It was very well attended and was enjoyed by all. A Kyu Examination followed.

Karate students across the Gulf South with Sensei Mikami

The following LKA Youth Class members were promoted: Josiah Lowe - 3rd Kyu Jared Soh - 6th Kyu Julia Cardenes - 8th Kyu Max Faust - 9th Kyu Lina Faust - 9th Kyu

Karate kids proud of passing rank examinations at LKA in Metairie

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