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New Year's Greetings from Chief Shihan Masaaki Ueki

New Year greetings

Japan Karate Association

Chief Shihan Masaaki Ueki

Happy New Year. We hope that all the members will welcome the new year in good health.

Last year, an unprecedented epidemic of the new coronavirus infection spread worldwide, which had a great impact on people's lives.

At the Japan Karate Association, the scheduled national competitions, boys' competitions, cultivators' competitions, etc. have to be canceled and the world competitions have to be postponed. It was a painful day when I thought about my feelings.

However, with the slogan "Let's move forward little by little, let's practice karate that we can do now" through online seminars and video distribution, we have been looking forward without stopping. In the fall, we decided to hold a joint training camp in Japan and overseas, and with many participants, we were able to finish it safely, and once again I was able to feel the strong feelings and ties of the members of the Japan Karate Association for karate.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the leaders who are involved in the spread of karate in the prefectures for their efforts.

There is no sign that the corona wreck will converge this year. In some countries, vaccination has begun, and there is an urgent need for practical application of vaccines in Japan.

Under such circumstances, the Japan Karate Association is planning to hold an event scheduled after taking thorough measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Thank you for your consideration.

For leaders and members, in order to practice "extreme karate", which is the essence of karate art, please cultivate the spirit of "Katsumi" through a lifelong self-discipline attitude. A strong, nourished heart will not only be able to overcome the coronavirus, but will surely enrich your daily life.

Lastly, I would like to conclude my New Year's greetings in the hope that this year will be a good year for everyone who aspires to karate.


Originally published on JKA website. Translated by Google.


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