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LKA students pass black belt exam at Nationals

Congratulations to LKA students Jim Lee and Stephanie Campo for successfully passing the black belt examinations conducted by Chief Examiner Sensei Takayuki Mikami on November 9, 2018.

Karate students from the Southeast and across the nation traveled to New Orleans during the 2018 JKA/AF National Championships to participate in the tournament and test for rank under Sensei Mikami, (9th dan) chief instructor of the Japan Karate Association/American Federation (JKA/AF) and senior technical adviser to the international Japan Karate Association/World Federation (JKA/WF).

Hopeful examinees performed basic techniques alone (kihon), forms representing defense against 4-8 imaginary attackers (kata), and free sparring (kumite), or semi-free sparring for 1st degree level.

Stephanie Campo earned her new rank of nidan (2nd degree), and Jim Lee leveled up to shodan (1st degree).

Both karateka reached this success after returning to training after a several year hiatus due to commitments to family and work. However, having fallen in love with the mindfulness, health and social aspects of karate, they were determined to return.

After more than a year of consistent training, they were able to reach this promotion and prove that trying your best every day is the key to success!

Check out their kata and kumite on the LKA YouTube page & subscribe for future videos!

Congratulations! OSS!!!

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