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Update 5/28/20

Hello Everyone,

I hope these words find you and your loved ones safe, in good health, and strong spirit. Many of us have seen significant changes in our lives due to the Coronavirus pandemic. With change comes stress and pressures we are not accustomed. There are many ways people deal with challenges that can create stress. We have a unique opportunity through Martial Arts training that allows us to deal with these different levels of physical and mental stress. We should maintain balance through our knowledge and personal training of the martial arts. The mind and body should both be continually exercised. We should take this time and improve our technique through physical and mental self training. There are also many virtual classes and seminars that can help us motivate and learn ways to train. I encourage everyone to take advantage of such lessons and training.

We are all excited about getting back in the DOJO for training. We miss our partner work and relationships we have developed in our clubs. However, it is my opinion that we do not rush into a potential unsuccessful and unhealthy re-entry. I have conversations with Sensei and the members of the LKA board concerning this matter. While we are anxious, it is important for us to be patient. The Instructors and Board must consider many things when reopening. The timing is very important both financially and health wise.

Again, please be patient and keep training. We will see you soon.

Jerry Kattawar Jr.

Louisiana Karate Association's online Zoom class

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