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Attendance of camps, regional trainings clinics, and more fun! 😄

Karate training has many more benefits than learning the triad basis of Karate training, (consisting of Kihon-basic techniques, Kata-formal prearranged sequences of self-defense techniques and Kumite-sparring), learning and training self-defense techniques, getting in great shape, regular exercise, learning spiritual and moral values (learned in the Dojo-Kun and the practice thereof in our daily lives) and some of the basics of Japanese culture.

Group training at LKA

One of those benefits is group training with members of one’s own dojo, as well as with members of other dojos than our own. This has additional benefits to the aforementioned. Building group spirit in a large group of students allows students to bond and grow together with the same goals. Having various training partners, at times ones that we have not trained with before or regularly. And also training in a different environment than one may be accustomed to. This is a natural occurrence at camps, regional trainings and clinics. Not only does this help all participants improve, but it also leads to a natural and very important aspect of traditional Karate training: friendship. Unlike some other activities that are largely individualistic and may at times be solitary, Karate training largely offers the opportunity to make friends. And to strengthen bonds with friends already known. In addition, social events, mostly after training, create opportunities to experience the aforementioned benefits and aspects of the world of Karate training beyond technique. It also seems that intense training makes any food and/or drink after consumed after training be much more appreciated, refreshing, digested better and enjoyed more overall.

Camps, regional trainings and clinics are to be highly recommended and should be experienced and taken part in not only be Karate-ka of higher ranks and experience, but by all. Shotokan Karate is truly a world-wide family and is always growing. Copyright 2019

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