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Training by oneself

In this challenging time, many Karate-ka are devising ways to train at home alone. There are several ways to do this such as practicing Kata, training Kihon and practicing "imaginary Kumite." The 20th precept of the Shoto Niju kun is, "Tsune Shinen Kufu Seyo," which is translated into English as, "Always Create And Devise." Master Funakoshi also stated, "anyplace can be a dojo." He also emphasized that one not even need a training partner to train.

Self-training karate girl outside

While the current situation is extremely sad and unfortunate, Karate-ka around the world are creating and devising ways to train away from their dojos and train without partners and classmates, this should also be done regularly when things are "normal."

Now is a time that we must remember the precept "respect others," and listen to the experts and authorities in several ways.

Training properly through this time will also help us with dealing with the situation and help us keep strong spirit.

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